Turtles All The Way Down
Design for an installation under the newly constructed Kenzo Tange Pavilion at Harvard GSD. The pavilion architects, OFFICE KGDVS, claim their structure is a “1:1 scale model”. The installation initiates a series of scalar regressions creating nested models within models. These structures serendipitously come into contact with the social space at each scale and become potentially usable, oscillating between roles representing the "actual” structure and its quotidian use as furniture.

By multiplying the pavilion the models of the model, lower the horizon line of the beam, temporarily allowing visitors to associate, examine and discuss the pavilion. They also generate a center point within the open urban field of the pavilion. Each model deals with its own material constraints, only to be masked by the white paint, gold foil, and the printed, inverted American Flag.

Team: Pablo Castillo, Fernando Garrido, Rolando Girodengo, Sarah Hopper, Dhruv Mehta.

Faculty advisor: Andrew James Holder