Located in Escher Wyss Areal, Zurich, the project proposes a new type of urban industry. On an urban level, it aims to become a new centrality that supports the wider ecological footprint within the city through the preservation of plants and culture. This is enabled by introducing the ProSpecie Rara initiative as 20% public program, which protects local biodiversity through cultivation.

The 80% industrial program addresses contemporary workspaces through spatial and thermal flexibility. Thermally, the project challenges the recent development of closed and controlled systems and provides different degrees of thermal control for production and comfort across multiple spaces. The project acts as a breathing machine, performing with the surrounding environment throughout the seasons. Surrounded by several performative skins, a thermal landscape with three gradiented internal climatic conditions is created, from uncontrolled to controlled, adapting the temperature control to each tenant’s physical activity.

Team: Pablo Castillo, George Guida
Instructor: Jeannette Kuo
Harvard GSD. 2020